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3 Ways To Find Interesting Paintings For Your New Home's Walls

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Are you wondering what to decorate your new home's walls with? Here are a few ways you can find interesting paintings for them.

Check out Estate Sales

One effective way to score some interesting paintings for your new home is to check out the local estate sales as they're held throughout your community. Unlike garage sales, you can expect to find quality artwork to choose from that you might not be able to find elsewhere. And there should be some room for negotiation, especially if you want to purchase more than one painting from the same seller.

Many estate sales feature antique artwork and furniture, which means that you have an opportunity to find a one-of-a-kind painting for your wall in a style that's no longer produced. It's a good idea to call a seller before going to their estate sale if possible to find out if they're selling wall artwork to save time on shopping.

Work With a Local Artist

Commissioning a painting from a local artist is a great way to make sure that some of your own personality and style is infused into the overall design of your new home. You can have an artist create a depiction of your favorite park in the city, or have a portrait of your family made. Or consider featuring a painting of your favorite vacation spot on the living room wall.

And because your painting will be made to order, you can request whatever size you want to create a perfect fit on your chosen wall. The options are virtually limitless when choosing a local artist to create a unique painting for your home's walls.

Visit an Abstract Art Gallery

One of the best ways to find high end paintings that offer interesting features and designs is to visit an abstract art gallery. You can expect to find a variety of colors, shapes, and stories to unfold right before your eyes while visiting an abstract art gallery. From sets of paintings that tell a story when hung next to one another to miniature paintings that depict abstract flowers or clouds, you'll find a large range of different options to choose from.

An art dealer at the gallery you visit should be able to answer all of your questions about the paintings you interested in, including who made them and what kind of materials were used during the creation process. Purchase your favorite artwork on the spot and take it home right away or schedule to have it dropped off at your new home once you're ready to put it on the walls.