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Three Tips For Shopping At An Estate Sale

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Visiting an estate sale can be an excellent way of finding good deals on rare or one of a kind piece of jewelry. Unfortunately, those that have never been to an estate sale are unlikely to be familiar with the various steps that should be taken to ensure that their estate jewelry shopping experience goes smoothly and is productive. Arrive Early It is well-known that estate sales can be an excellent source of jewelry and other items. Read More»

Aboriginal Art In Canada: Where To Find The Most Authentic Pieces

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The First Nations, Inuit and Metis all have their own cultural and artistic contributions to Canada. Unfortunately, there are also several fake pieces of art claiming to be genuine works of the Native Peoples of Canada. If you are interested in acquiring or just viewing authentic aboriginal art, here are a few places you can look for it. On Tribal Lands If you secure permission to travel onto tribal lands, you will have plenty of opportunities to view aboriginal art in its natural environment. Read More»

2 Native Haida Indian Legends That Live On In Art

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Some of the most beautiful pieces of Native Indian art are actually stories brought to life in stone, silver, wood, or other materials. The value of the art is partially in the craftsmanship and beauty of the pieces, and partially in the traditional stories they portray. Read below to learn more about two stories commonly portrayed in Native American Haida art and how to identify them. Raven Steals The Sun, Moon, And Stars Read More»