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Caring For Your Reclaimed Wood Carvings

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Before the availability of steel, wood was a popular building material. Many of the old structures being torn down to make room for new construction projects can yield interesting pieces of wood with a unique history and aesthetic. Artists often use this reclaimed wood to create intricate carvings that you can display in your home. Here are three tips that you can use to ensure your reclaimed wood art is properly cared for so that it remains vibrant and intact well into the future. Read More»

Three Tips For Shopping At An Estate Sale

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Visiting an estate sale can be an excellent way of finding good deals on rare or one of a kind piece of jewelry. Unfortunately, those that have never been to an estate sale are unlikely to be familiar with the various steps that should be taken to ensure that their estate jewelry shopping experience goes smoothly and is productive. Arrive Early It is well-known that estate sales can be an excellent source of jewelry and other items. Read More»