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Caring For Your Reclaimed Wood Carvings

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Before the availability of steel, wood was a popular building material. Many of the old structures being torn down to make room for new construction projects can yield interesting pieces of wood with a unique history and aesthetic. Artists often use this reclaimed wood to create intricate carvings that you can display in your home.

Here are three tips that you can use to ensure your reclaimed wood art is properly cared for so that it remains vibrant and intact well into the future.

1. Apply a protective lacquer.

It's important that you take the time to determine if the artist applied a protective lacquer to your wood carving prior to selling the item to you. If a lacquer was not applied prior to purchase, you should take the time to spray your reclaimed wood carving in order to preserve the integrity of the art piece over time.

Be sure that you think about whether or not you want your carvings to have a glossy shine once they have been treated with a lacquer spray. If you think a glossy sheen will detract from the aesthetic of the piece, select a matte lacquer product instead.

2. Don't let your wood carvings dry out.

It's important that you maintain the right humidity level within your home if you want to preserve the integrity of your wood carvings. Reclaimed wood can dry out an begin to crack, compromising the quality of the image carved into the wood's surface.

By carefully measuring your home's humidity levels and switching on a humidifier in the room where you display your wood carvings as needed, you will be able to successfully keep your reclaimed wood art pieces in good condition.

3. Keep your carvings out of the sun.

Many reclaimed wood carvings also feature colorful paint applications that contribute to the overall design of the piece. If you let your painted carvings remain exposed to natural sunlight, the colors can begin to fade over time.

Be sure that you set up your display area safely away from windows or doors that could allow too much natural sunlight to dull the appearance of your reclaimed wood carvings in the future.

Caring for your wood carvings is essential if you want to keep these art pieces in good condition. Be sure to protect your carvings with a coat of lacquer, maintain proper humidity levels in your home to prevent cracking, and keep carvings out of the sun to preserve the brightness of any painted patterns.